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At Hassel Material Handling Co., we provide our customers with a comprehensive list of material handling products and accessories. However, we supply more than just material handling equipment; customers rely on us for complete ergonomic work area solutions. Throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota, we offer a complete line of Wearwell flooring and matting.

These high quality products are engineered for industrial environments and include products like anti-fatigue flooring, available in single and dual layer configurations. This robust product protects against wear in light, medium, or heavy foot traffic environments. They're designed with runners, heavy duty, no-slip, shock-absorbing, and interlocking surfaces, and are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses.

For applications that require mats that eliminate shock to protect sensitive equipment, Wearwell manufactures a complete line of ESD mats. These products incorporate grounding and deliver unmatched conductive and static-dissipative performance. For slick, debris filled, fatigued, or abrasion heavy environments, Wearwell runners are sold in a variety of surfaces and patterns, including smooth, coated, diamond plated, un-slotted, corrugated, slotted, or radial. When heat intensive welding applications are required, the Weldsafe series is unaffected by hot sparks and metal. For general manufacturing and machining, we sell numerous types of drainage and solid formed matting that helps provide comfort and safety for operators in dry, wet, oily, and slippery surface environments.

To learn more about all of the Wearwell matting and flooring we offer, please contact our sales team directly for more information.

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Wearwell Rejuvenator® Flooring
Wearwell Rejuvenator® Flooring
Wearwell Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat
Wearwell Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat
Wearwell Ergonomic Matting
Wearwell Ergonomic Matting
Wearwell ROVER™ Maintenance Matting
Wearwell ROVER™ Maintenance Matting

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