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Production Basics
Hassel Material Handling is a leading supplier of material handling equipment across Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota. Hassel Material Handling Co. can offer our customers product lines that incorporate everything from cranes to workbenches. This diversity is highlighted with Production Basics, a high quality workbench manufacturer.
Production Basics is well-known for their ergonomic workspace and material handling solutions that are designed to enhance productivity and promote lean initiatives.

 Production Basics engineers’ products to fit virtually any size requirements. Production Basics benches are designed for various uses such as technical, packaging, and ergonomic work applications. Available worksurface options include laminate, ESD, solid maple, stainless steel, epoxy resin, and polypropylene surfaces. Additional features include durable finishes, optional accessories, adjustable heights, and single or double-sided designs.

The Production Basics product lines are vast and can accommodate the needs of virtually any industry. Please contact Hassel Material Handling to learn more about our complete line of Production Basics solutions or to build a solution that meets your specific requirements.

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Production Basics Workbench
Production Basics Workbench
Production Basics Workbench
Production Basics Workbench

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